Nvoicepay Earns Big Wins in G2's 2020 Summer Reports

  • July 14, 2020

Customers Recognize Nvoicepay’s Innovation in the B2B Electronic Payment Automation Market

PORTLAND, ORE. (PRWEB) JULY 14, 2020—Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, is pleased to announce it has earned several accolades in G2’s Summer 2020 quarterly reports. It earned the top spots in G2’s Usability Index and Relationship Index, along with corresponding badges for “Best Usability,” “Best Support,” and “Best Relationship” in the Enterprise Payment category. In both the Enterprise Payment and AP Automation categories, Nvoicepay was awarded the “Users Love Us” badge, based on 20+ reviews averaging 4.0 stars or higher—Nvoicepay currently has 98 reviews averaging 4.6 stars.

Nvoicepay was also listed as a “High Performer” in G2’s Grid® Reports for Enterprise Payment and AP Automation. At the time of this release, Nvoicepay ranks #1 in overall satisfaction in the Enterprise Payment category.

Nvoicepay prides itself on offering the best payment solutions to our customers, lifting the most time-consuming manual efforts from the shoulders of their overtaxed AP teams. It has helped organizations prioritize secure remote payments by simplifying the implementation process. Specialized support teams are committed to resolving both accounts payable and accounts receivable issues on the back end, consistently achieving a consistent 97 percent customer satisfaction rating.

“Nvoicepay’s success is due in large part to our dedicated employees, who put 110 percent into each customer and supplier interaction,” said Nvoicepay’s SVP of Operations and Customer Success, Angela Anastasakis. “We value lasting human connections just as much as technological advancements.”

In addition to its exceptional customer support, easy deployment, and scalable software, Nvoicepay also enables a secure experience. Nvoicepay validates, verifies, and secures supplier bank information, and stands behind their solution by offering customer payment indemnification. These combined features alleviate the manual effort required by AP and stimulate change within businesses to limit spending and reallocate internal resources.

View Nvoicepay’s G2 reviews here.


About Nvoicepay:
Nvoicepay transforms the way firms pay their domestic and international suppliers. For over 500 customers across 2,700 entities, the company optimizes electronic invoice payments for enterprises with intuitive cloud-based software and comprehensive services. Only Nvoicepay offers an intelligence-driven payment automation solution purpose-built for the most complex firms. By automating all payments, finance teams win through dynamic supplier activation, superior supplier services, and remarkable results, unlocking value in the payments process. Learn more at http://www.nvoicepay.com and on Twitter at @Nvoicepay.


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Nvoicepay Earns Big Wins in G2's 2020 Summer Reports

Nvoicepay is pleased to announce several accolades it earned in G2's Summer 2020 quarterly reports.

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