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Nvoicepay customer story

ACG Texas Restaurants

ACG Texas Restaurants owns and operates 68 International House of Pancakes (IHOP) franchises in the state of Texas, making it the largest IHOP operator in the country.

Customer website: http://www.acgtexas.com/

strawberry french toast from IHOP

ACG Texas Restaurants' success with Nvoicepay

30 days to implement

$75,000 in annual savings

40 hours per week saved

“It's been a huge time savings and a cost savings, and we are also earning card rebates.”

Darylann Sylkatis | Controller

Frictionless invoice payments

In a customer-centric industry, every franchise owner’s goal is for customers to have the best experience possible. Managing back end workflows—and making invoice payments frictionless—translates into better customer service. See how ACG Texas Restaurants (IHOP) used payment automation to streamline its AP process, both saving money over paper-bound processes and reducing manual labor by 40 hours per week.

ACG Texas Restaurants - Customer Case Study

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