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Nvoicepay customer story

Cleburne, Texas

Cleburne is a city of approximately 30,000 residents in Texas, about 40 minutes south of Forth Worth. It is the second post populous city in Johnson County.

Customer website: https://www.cleburne.net

Texas longhorn that would have passed through Cleburne on the Chisholm Trail

Cleburne, Texas' success with Nvoicepay

$53,000 in card-based rebates

$18,300 in hard cost savings

3-4 hours per week saved in accounts payable

“Nvoicepay has allowed us to further streamline the AP process and reduce inefficiencies and double-work throughout the organization.”

Kristin Torres | Finance Coordinator

Reduce accounting errors with electronic payments

The City of Cleburne had a common problem plaguing the AP department: It struggled to meet demand with a labor-intensive, paper check payment system. Nvoicepay's electronic payment solution eliminated the inefficiencies in Cleburne's payables process, creating both time savings and new card-based rebate revenue.

Cleburne, Texas - Customer Case Study

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