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Coupa Software

Coupa Software, a market-leading expense management company, focuses on procurement, invoice processing, and expense reporting. Coupa's goal is to identify areas of spend where businesses can automate and save through cloud technology.

Customer website: https://www.coupa.com

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Coupa Software's success with Nvoicepay

Investment in strategic initiatives, not back-office tasks

Payment flexibility

Significant time savings

Align AP with your efficiency goals

Coupa Software, a market-leading spend management software, recognized a need to automate inefficient business processes when the company went public. Coupa needed greater functionality around payments when the company went public in 2016. The cost of making payments, including wires and bank fees, made Coupa reconsider how they were paying suppliers. After automating with Nvoicepay, Coupa's payments are now 100% electronic, freeing up valuable resources throughout the company.

Coupa Software - Customer Case Study

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