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Education Corporation of America

Education Corporation of America's rich history of owning and operating private, accredited colleges across the United States dates back to the 1940s. Thousands of students are trained and equipped to enter the workforce through ECA's 71 institutions of higher education.

Customer website: https://www.ecacolleges.com/

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Education Corporation of America's success with Nvoicepay

Investment in strategic initiatives instead of back-office tasks

$52,000 in card-based rebates

Significant time savings in accounts payable

“Our AP department used to be here till 7 at night, filing or cutting all the paper checks to get them in the mail. And now, it's just at your fingertips.”

Tricia Harkins | Accounting Manager

Reinvest in students with AP savings

Education Corporation of America serves thousands of students at higher education institutions across the country. With a mission statement centered around respsonsibility to its students, business communities, and the general public, ECA is always looking to operate more efficiently. Implementing an automated payment process not only allows ECA's four-person accounts payable team to go home on time, it generated $52,000 in cash-back rebates in the first five months alone.

Education Corporation of America - Customer Case Study

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