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Kauffman Tire

Kauffman Tire is a chain of 65 automotive retail stores and 14 wholesale distribution centers located in the Southeast, Texas, and Ohio. The company is dedicated to excellence and keeping customers "rolling along the road of life."

Customer website: https://www.kauffmantire.com/

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Kauffman Tire's success with Nvoicepay

$80,000 in card-based rebates

Paperless AP environment

75% time savings

“Nvoicepay is a very elegant solution, from ease of implementation to the quality of people that we've worked with.”

Brad Goodson | Chief Financial Officer

Simple electronic payments

Kauffman Tire was making 70% of its supplier payments by paper check when Nathan Peeden was hired as Accounts Payable Manager. It was clear to the finance team that now was the time to automate payments. Learn how Nathan completed the automated AP process with Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay. Within the first year, Nvoicepay generated $80,000 in card-based rebates and reduced time spent on payables by 75% for Kauffman.

Kauffman Tire - Customer Case Study

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