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Kuni Automotive is a luxury auto dealership with multiple locations in Oregon, Washington, California, and Colorado. After an acquisition by Holman Enterprises, Kuni's size increased by 30 percent, and the company was poised to take advantage of new economies of scale.

Industry: Automotive

DMS: CDK Drive

Employees: 5,000+

Revenue: $3+ billion

Website: http://www.holmanauto.com/

Nvoicepay is one of my top vendors. When other dealer groups call wanting to know about it, I have nothing but positive things to say. They truly do work for us.

Verna Daly, Director of Centralized Accounting


  • 15,000 invoices posted each month across 15 locations
  • 90,000 paper checks cut per year
  • 180 hours spent by 9 employees signing checks for 4 hours every day


time savings

Decreased check signers from 9 to 4

cost savings

Reduced time spent paying vendors to only 1 hour per week

increased visability

Earning $15,000 monthly in card-based rebates

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Kuni Automotive customer success story PDF

Kuni Automotive

Download the full case study with Verna Daly, Director of Centralized Accounting at Kuni Automotive, A Holman Enterprise, to learn their:

  • - Challenges in the payment process
  • - Solution from Nvoicepay
  • - Results with payment automation
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