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Swinerton Builders

Swinerton Builders, a construction company with history that spans over a century, is known for solving the biggest challenges in building since 1888. With many of its buildings listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, the company has made its name synonymous with structural and corporate integrity.

Customer website: http://www.swinerton.com/

hammer and nails

Swinerton Builders' success with Nvoicepay

Single, unified payment file

Indemnified supplier data

Monthly card-based rebates

The rebates we've earned from Nvoicepay allow us to implement other technology initiatives like OCR and expense management solutions. We're really looking forward to that.

Paula Mortensen | AP Manager

Technology as a foundation

Swinerton Builders is a century-old construction company that maintains its competitive advantage through technology. When Swinerton's payment process became a drain on resources, the team started looking for solutions. Recognizing the need for new technology is vital to staying profitable in the construction industry. For Swinerton, automation not only enabled the team to keep up with payment demand, it created over $1 million in card rebates within the first year.

Swinerton Builders - Customer Case Study
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