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TEC Equipment

TEC Equipment is a full-service truck and trailer dealership in the Pacific Northwest. Since Founder David Thompson opened his first truck shop in Portland 40 years ago, the mission was simple: Be the "Best Business Partner" in the West Coast trucking industry.

Customer website: https://www.tecequipment.com/

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TEC Equipment's success with Nvoicepay

$100,000 in card rebates

Paperless payment process

54 hours saved each month in AP

We have received about $100,00 in rebates and saved 640 hours in accounts payable in the first year with Nvoicepay.

Gina Walker | Chief Financial Officer

Remote approvals, paperless payments

For a premier truck and trailer dealership with 24 locations, a paper-based payables process was not a scalable solution. When Gina Walker assumed the role of CFO, she knew it was time to implement a new accounts payable system that would lift the burden of 6,000 checks per year. Learn how TEC Equipment eliminated the need to cart boxes among locations with automated invoice payments. The team now enjoys remote approvals, time savings, and card rebates in excess of $100,000.

TEC Equipment - Customer Case Study
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