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TEC Equipment

TEC Equipment is a full-service truck and trailer dealership in the Pacific Northwest. Since founder David Thompson opened his first truck shop in Portland 40 years ago, the mission was simple: be the "Best Business Partner" in the West Coast trucking industry.

Industry: Automotive & Trucking

DMS: CDK Drive

AP Spend: $85 million

Annual Payment Volume: 17,600

Website: https://www.tecequipment.com/

I can approve payments from anywhere in the world, and that’s been amazing for me.

Gina Walker, former CFO


  • Chasing in-person signatures for 500 check payments every month
  • Precious AP resources and time spent digging through boxes of paper files to research payment and reporting questions
  • Manual, time-intensive process for payment approvals, wheeling boxes of supporting documents among locations


time savings

Earning $120,000 in annual card rebates that offset the cost of other technology solutions

cost savings

Saving 54 hours every month in accounts payable

increased visibility

Approving payments remotely and electronically, freeing up managers and executives

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CFO Gina Walker talks through her team’s payment process before and after implementing Nvoicepay.

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