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Arkansas-based VCC is one of the top general contractors in the U.S., building shopping malls, hospitals, and other commercial buildings in all 50 states. The firm is dedicated to using technology to support efficiency, visibility, and accountability to deliver high-quality construction.

Industry: Construction

ERP: Proprietary

Employees: 500+

Revenue: $607 million

Website: http://www.vccusa.com/

We want to be better than the standard 60 days, so next time subs bid us, they know they’ll be paid quicker and they’ll give us a better price. Nvoicepay allows us to have that competitive advantage.

Raouf Kassissieh, Controller


  • 100% of payments made by paper check
  • Data management for ~50 jobs annually, with 100 subcontractors each
  • Compatibility with VCC's proprietary ERP


time savings

Paying 85% of suppliers and subs by ACH or credit card

cost savings

Lower bids from subcontractors who know they’ll receive timely electronic payment

increased visibility

Offloading liability for secure management of payment information and banking data

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VCC USA customer success story PDF


Download the full case study with Raouf Kassissieh, Controller at VCC, to learn their:

  • - Challenges in the payment process
  • - Solution from Nvoicepay
  • - Results with payment automation
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