Nvoicepay customer story

CDK Global

In 2009, CDK Global partnered with Nvoicepay to bring electronic payments to the automotive and trucking industry. Our joint solution allows customers to make supplier payments directly from their DMS using AP Assist.

Customer website: https://www.cdkglobal.com/

AP Assist for CDK Global's dealer management system DMS

CDK Global's success with Nvoicepay

$6 Million yearly savings

$15 Million yearly card rebates

Competitive advantage

“Dealers can't stop raving about how easy it is to use Nvoicepay.”

Justin Sprague | Division VP of Product Marketing

CDK Global - Customer Case Study

$6 Million in Cost Savings

CDK Global, the automotive leader in integrated information technology solutions, realized 6 million dollars in hard cost savings and 15 million dollars in rebates for automotive dealerships. Nvoicepay is transforming the automotive retail industry by turning accounts payable from a cost center to a revenue generator.

What can Nvoicepay do for you?

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