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3 Ways to Mitigate Fraud with AP Automation 

Over the past few years, AP Fraud has become one of the most common types of fraud that organizations face. Finance departments are being targeted as accounts payable is often one of the remaining manual processes, leaving it more vulnerable to internal and external threats. Even with security features in place, identifying risk and red flags has become increasingly difficult.

Payment Transformation: Improving AP Efficiency, Visibility, and Analytics

Changing expectations, developing technology and new payment rails all add to the value proposition for engaging in payment transformation. Transformation is occurring separately in individual areas (AP, Treasury, Operating Areas) and on an organizational-wide basis.

Finding Success with Payment Automation – A Customer Story

In today’s business environment, chemical manufacturers and distributors are compelled to seek new solutions that enable efficiency and growth. By leaving the manual process behind and investing in a digital payment solution, AP teams can transform their finance departments from cost-centers to revenue-contributors.

How to Attract Millennial and Gen Z Employees with Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Making efforts to go green can aid in recruiting efforts, and help with your bottom line. Here’s how to tackle sustainability from top-to-bottom!

Fintech News & Views Bonus: Improving AP Efficiency, Visibility and Analytics with Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau of Brousseau & Associates and Nvoicepay solutions expert Maggie Schroeder, discuss payment automation, bringing AP efficiency to the next level, and what can help inform strategic decisions for both AP and Finance teams.

2022 Planning: How to Build a Strategic Plan for Your AP Team

Fall is nearing, which means its almost time for 2022 planning. How will your AP department set goals and measure success in the ever-increasing pressure to cut costs and scale at the same time? Join Corpay with special guest Ardent Partners for an exciting new webinar that will give your team a leg up on strategic planning for the new year.

How to Better Optimize Your Businesses Cash Flow

Every business faces problems, and the back office is sometimes the last area to be updated. Embracing the advantages of digital B2B payments allows businesses of all sizes and industries to improve many aspects of their AP process, providing compelling reasons to shift away from paper.

No More Business as Usual When You Double Down on Remote Sales

Enterprise change comes slowly. Could perfecting remote sales processes help speed it up?

Fintech News & Views: Why Integrated Payments with Sage Intacct Make Sense

Sanjeev Jain, Senior Product Manager at Cambridge Global Payments, joins us to discuss the factors around creating integrated international payments for Sage Intacct in a way that delivers maximum benefits to Intacct users.

Why the Players That Focus on Both Sides Will Win the B2B Payments Market

In the world of business payments, process complexity adds friction between accounts payable and accounts receivable. Remote work initiatives have also created a strong tailwind for digitization. Derek Halpern, Executive Vice President of Sales at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, weighs in on how automation providers will close the gap and streamline payments process from creation to receipt.

How to Perfectly Manage Your Cash Flow as an Auto Dealership

Managing your cash flow as an auto dealership can be tricky, especially if your dealership is still using paper checks and manual processes. Full payment automation and the implementation of purchase order systems can help!

How Distributors Can Create a Business Case for Payment Automation

The reality of remote payments has made switching to automation a priority for many paper-bound back offices. Corpay transforms the way manufacturing and distribution companies pay their suppliers with a holistic approach to payments. Our configurable AP solution meets the needs of companies that have complex approval workflows, multiple locations, bank accounts and payment methods.

Women in Fintech: Dr. Rosine Salman

In this episode of Women in Fintech, we interview Dr. Rosine Salman, who is the Senior Product Manager at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. Rosine's past professional experiences, which span from Apple to the United Nations, instilled a lesson which she imparts to us through the course of our conversation: championing the end user. Tune in to learn more about Rosine's incredible professional experiences.

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How Automated Payments Improve AP Efficiency, Visibility and Analytics

Spurred by the need for remote work capabilities, companies today are trying to move from manual processes to electronic vendor payments. Electronic payments seem more efficient but without the proper tools and partners, they can end up causing more work.

Why Cryptocurrency Matters to Finance and Accounting Professionals

Prices in cryptocurrency markets have gone up—way up. Since 2009, the value of Bitcoin has gone from fewer than ten cents to over $56K. In 2020, that value quadrupled. Though investing in cryptocurrencies is not for everyone, they're nonetheless moving steadily towards the mainstream.

Fintech News & Views bonus: Automated Payments ROI with Mark Brousseau

Mark Brousseau, of Brousseau & Associates, and Mark Romito--Director of Finance for Upper St. Clair township near Pittsburgh PA--describe the immediate gains in work hours, savings and rebates that the city saw after switching from manual payments to a more streamlined system.

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How to Increase Your Dealership's ROI with Payment Automation

Everyone wants to save money--but organizations often overlook AP automation as a way to do just that. Leveraging automation empowers you to not only save costs but earn rebates and reduce your payment fraud liability. In this webcast, Director of Automotive Sales, Kyle Rauzi, shares how payment automation helps your AP bring in revenue while cutting costs and freeing up staff for more strategic priorities.

Fintech News & Views: Affiliate Marketing

The rise in online shopping brought on by the pandemic has been accompanied by substantial growth in the affiliate marketing industry. But latent issues have come to the forefront, including how the affiliate marketing industry should solve challenges regarding international payments.

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The State of ePayables in 2021

Join Corpay with special guest Ardent Partners for an exciting new webinar that presents the key findings of Ardent Partners’ 16th Annual "State of ePayables" report!

How to Adopt a Powerful Approach to Vendor Payments

On the face of it, electronic payments seem more efficient but, without the proper tools and partners, they can end up causing more work. It pays to think about electronic payments from a holistic perspective from the start to avoid this roadblock.