Chris Doxey

Chris Doxey

Chris Doxey, CAPP, CCSA, CICA is an independent management consultant providing Internal Controls and Business Process Best Practice Solutions. She has extensive experience in procurement, accounts payable, internal auditing, internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, payroll, logistics, financial systems strategy, and financial integration at Digital, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, MCI, APEX Analytix, and Business Strategy, Inc. She was recruited to assist MCI (formally WorldCom) recover from their internal control challenges. She has a bachelor's degree in English, a bachelor's in accounting, a master's in business administration, and a graduate certificate in project management. Chris has written numerous articles and published two handbooks: AP Leadership Skills and Implementing a Controls Self Assessment Program for Your Accounts Payable Department.

Internal Controls Checklist: P-Card Usage & Invoice Processing

P-card and invoice fraud happens. It's inevitable in any department that handles large sums of money. But you can limit your risk with these internal controls.

What's Your Leadership Style?

Leadership is more nuanced than simply 'lead by example.' These are the 4 distinct leadership styles: Authoritative, Participative, Delegative, and Transformational. Which rings true most often...

Tips for Managing Employees During Change

Change is inevitable. Whether it's a merger, restructuring, or just implementing new technology, ongoing communication is key to lessen the pain of ambiguity.

Building a Top Gun Finance Team

Actions speak louder than words—as a leader, your actions are under a microscope. Learn to lead by example and you'll effortlessly build a strong finance team.

New Directions in Team Building

Getting your AP department behind a common and singular goal is the first step to transforming your group to a team.

Taking Control of Your Supplier Master File

Keeping fraud out of the AP department includes proper supplier management. These are the steps you can start using for fraud prevention in the MVF.

9 Best Practices for Your Supplier Master File

Managing supplier information in-house can be one of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks for an accounts payable team. Augment internal controls and ensure compliance with tax &...

Supplier Master Coding Standards

Avoid duplicate & missed payments with uniformity in your supplier master file. Use this list of standards to follow when managing supplier names & addresses.

Your Supplier Onboarding Roadmap

Supplier portals are a means to submit, track, and expedite payments. Learn how a supplier onboarding platform creates visibility for all involved parties.

Acquiring the Right AP Talent

Much like it’s better to keep a client than to sign a new one, so too is it better to retain talent than it is to hire new talent—especially in AP.

Motivating the New AP Professional

Managing AP professionals can be daunting made easier by following the advice of Frederick Herzberg and applying his Motivator-Hygiene Theory to AP.

The Transition of AP from Processor to Analyst

AP's transition from passive processor to active analyst greatly transformed the payables professional's role in the AP process. Here's how it all happened.

Developing an Individual Plan for Performance

Performance reviews are stressful for all parties involved. Managers, however, can greatly reduce the stress by following these simple steps.

15 Leadership Skills Every Controller Must Have

Corporate controllers serve many roles in an organization—and often are relied upon as business leaders. Learn the 15 skills every controller must have to be an effective leader for the finance...

Can a Controller Become a CFO or a COO?

The role of an organization's controller is often a stepping stone to CFO- or COO-ship. The difference tends to simply be a matter of broad vs. narrow focus. Learn how the controller's job...

How to Identify Problem Invoices

You can't work toward a solution without understanding the problem. Here's a list of the top 25 invoice-related problems that accounts payable commonly faces, where they fall in the AP process,...

What Are All the Types of Duplicate Payments?

Duplicate payments are a major concern for AP (you can say that again!) Here’s a list of the most common types of duplication errors, tips for conducting a self-audit within accounts payable, and...

Are Your AP Payments Real?

An accountant's job of averting fraud is never over. These two internal controls can help stymy fraud and prevent phony payments from ever being issued.

How to Create an Automated AP Self-Audit Process

Self-audit tools provide powerful analysis and reporting for accountants in AP. Here's a list of 5 tools to help create an automated AP audit process.

New Perspectives on Fraud and the T&E Process

Choosing the right T&E solution can do more than make the process more efficient, it can help prevent fraud. Learn 8 of the most common tricks dishonest employees use to inflate travel and...

How to Combine Your Compliance Screening Requirements

Today's organizations are on the hook for compliance screening. Here’s a list of regulatory organizations and the specific department in their crosshairs.

Combining KYC Controls with Other Regulatory Requirements

Need to establish a new customer-supplier relationship screening process? Combining regulatory and compliance screening programs can help. Here's how to do it.

When and Why Do I Apply KYC Controls to My Organization?

When and why to apply the Know Your Customer (KYC) laws are complicated. Here are 4 ways to reduce the complexity of applying KYC controls.

Developing Effective Anti-Money Laundering Internal Controls

From real estate to retailer, money laundering affects many industries. Instead of allocating an ever-growing part of the budget for AML efforts, take these steps to ensure your company is...

Cyber Fraud: Common Schemes & How to Protect Your Business

With the increased use of technology in our lives, cyber criminals have more chances to steal. A list of common cyber attacks and tips for fraud prevention.

What's New in Compliance in 2017?

The FCPA continues to take strides in stamping out corrupt business practices through compliance requirements. Here's a list of what's on FCPA's radar for 2017.

The Top Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) Cases in 2016

With penalties levied in amounts surpassing a small country’s GDP, the FCPA seeks justice for companies that break the law. Here are 2016’s top offenders.

Managing vs. Mentoring Others

There's a difference between managing and mentoring. Learn how to enact a mentoring program at your company so you can do more than manage accounts payable.

Developing Analytics and Tools for Your Procurement Team

Does your procurement team have the tools it needs to be most effective? This list breaks down the needed payment tools for a company's procure to pay process.

Developing Analytics for Your AP Team

Insight is the cream that rises from analytics. Knowing how to churn AP's data, then, requires clear objectives. This list helps you evaluate those objectives.

Leveraging Data to Better Manage Accounts Payable

Data isn't only useful for analytics purposes—it can also be used to set benchmarking goals. Learn what data can help you better manage accounts payable.

How to Map Your Pain Point to the P2P Automation Solution

If you're experiencing challenges in your payment process but aren't sure which step to automate, use this guide to map your paint point to P2P automation.

10 Ways that P2P Automation Can Mitigate Fraud Risk

Can you reduce risk through automation? Yes! This list contains 10 P2P automation solutions that procurement managers can use to reduce risk.

P2P Internal Controls for Education

From fictitious suppliers to p-card fraud, these are common fraud themes in the P2P process. Learn which internal controls to implement to combat each.

8 Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Looking for more working capital? The benefits of accounts payable automation are numerous, including better cash flow, touchless dynamic discounting, and simple reporting. See why industy leaders...

Touchless Payables Help Achieve a Paperless Accounts Payable Process

A paperless accounts payable process is within finger's reach for organizations. Automating even one back office task can create savings...and even new revenue.

10 Metrics that Reveal What Paper Checks Are Costing You

How much is the accounts payable paper trail costing your organization? These 10 points will have you blazing a paperless-trail in no time.

Understanding Cash Flow and Cash Management

Need a quick refresher on cash flow? Look no further! Find the components of cash flow and tips for good management.

Automated Solutions Every Controller Should Have

From compliance software to project management software, automation has disrupted departments the world over. These are the solutions controllers should have.

A Look at "Tone at the Top" Supplier Management and GRC Standards

Best practices for supplier management should be established from the top down. Learn how compliance with GRC standards can safeguard your management process.

3 Simple Ways to Reduce AP Costs

Wondering how to reduce costs in AP? Use these 3 tips to start saving money in your payment process.

How Does a Company Practice Good Cash Flow Management?

Learn how a company practices good cash flow management in this article and what the components of cash flow are.

Supply Chain Financing Toolkit

Is enacting a supply chain financing solution worth the investment? Use our toolkit to make the process smoother and ensure you reap all the benefits.

Reduce Costs with Dynamic Discounting and P2P Automation

Take advantage of dynamic discounting opportunities offered by suppliers. Faster payments can save you substantial money in the long run.

A Checklist for Reviewing New AP Automation Solutions

PIR (or post-Implementation review) checklist you can use to review—and follow up on—your newly rolled out AP automation solution.

How to Develop an Airtight Business Case for AP Automation

You know it's time to automate the back office, but how do you convince decision makers? Getting buy-in for new technology can be the biggest hurdle to modernizing the AP department, so we created...

Transform Your Procure to Pay Process for Long-Term Savings

Take these two simple steps to realize long-term savings in any accounts payable department using P2P automation.

Accounts Payable Fraud: How to Add the Appropriate Controls

Arguably the most common form of AP fraud is check forgery, but how can you safeguard your company against other types of fraud? You can react to the perils of paper checks, or you can get...

Blockchain and International Payments: A New Global Standard

Blockchain has the capacity to disrupt international payments. The question, then, becomes: how quickly will incumbents hop on the blockchain bandwagon?

Where to Automate Your Procure to Pay Process First

Why automate the P2P process? Here are 10 reasons you should automate your organization's procure to pay process.

The Benefits and Risks of Outsourcing Supplier Management

The benefits and risks of outsourcing supplier management are nuanced. We've outlined the pros and cons to consider before making a decision.

10 Signs Your Automated Workflow Isn't Automated

Your automated accounts payable workflow may not be as automated as you think... Check your AP process for these 10 signs it's time to upgrade.