John Ewert

John Ewert

John Ewert is an executive-level business partner known for leading high-technology companies with financially sound strategy and team-based planning to achieve competitive advantage. He is experienced at financial planning and analysis, treasury, tax, accounting, facilities, legal, sales and manufacturing operations, investor relations, and information technology resources to increase shareholder value. After serving his country for four years on active duty, John began his business career with a Big Four public accounting firm. Over the last two decades, he has served in financial management roles at PwC, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, Palo Alto Networks, and AWS Elemental. During this time, John earned his Certified Public Accounting certification and Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Corporate Finance and Strategy from the University of California, Berkeley. He received honors for academics and community service at UC Berkeley. Highlights of John’s professional career are enabling rapid growth to successfully execute on start-up maturation, with the initial public offering of Palo Alto Networks in July 2012 and the acquisition of Elemental Technologies by Amazon Web Services in October 2015.

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