Karla Friede

Karla Friede

Karla Friede is co-founder of Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, and served as CEO for its first 11 years. She has over 30 years of experience in management, finance, and marketing roles in both large and early-stage companies. Karla, along with the founding team, has grown Nvoicepay into a leading B2B payment automation solution provider. Prior to founding Nvoicepay, she was President and CEO of privately held Zevez Corporation, VP of Marketing for GeoTrust (acquired by Verisign in 2006), Director of Marketing at Mentor Graphics, and part of the PBAS team at KPMG. Karla earned an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business and a BS in Accounting from the University of Idaho.

The New Business Case for a Powerful Payment Solution

Nvoicepay's co-founder, Karla Friede, discusses businesses' recent prioritization of payment workflows upgrades, and how B2B electronic payment providers have laid the groundwork for an easy and successful transition.

How to Dig Deeper for Payments Solution Differentiation

With dozens of electronic payment providers offering their solutions, it can be difficult to know how to find the one that best meets your company's needs. Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede lists the five framework measures you should consider, and offers the questions to ask prospective solution providers before you commit.

3 Ways Fintech Will Evolve in 2019

With record amounts of investment flowing into the fintech sector again in 2018, the innovation train shows no signs of slowing.

It's Official: Nvoicepay Begins a New Chapter as Part of FLEETCOR

Nvoicepay becomes a FLEETCOR company, joining the family of corporate software and service companies valued at $25 billion.

B2B Payments: A Once in a Generation Transformation Opportunity

Digital transformation has now risen to the top of the CEO agenda, according to research by McKinsey. Rethinking business models to compete with digital offerings has become a strategic imperative.

5 Trends for Business Payments in 2019

Get Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede's list of the 5 hottest trends shaping business payments in 2019.

6 Tips for Women Entering the Workforce

From seeking feedback to avoiding bias, Nvoicepay CEO and co-founder Karla Friede shares advice for women graduates starting their careers. Heed these words of wisdom to propel your career forward...

5 Trends Changing Business Payments in 2018

2018 promises to be a year of innovation for business payments. Fueled by buy-in from venture capitalists and big banks alike, the technology advances of consumer payments are finally coming to...

7 Things Executives Need to Know About Supplier Payments

Much has changed in the world of payments. Executives, and others who are removed from the day-to-day process, may not have noticed that change. The influence automation has played in transforming...

Why Companies Seeking Diversity Should Start at the Top

Setting a goal of 'diversity' isn't always the best way to achieve true diversity. A Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) seems like a step in the right direction, but real change toward diversity and...

Partnering to Improve Payment Efficiency in Construction

With shared vision, values, and commitment, Nvoicepay and Viewpoint are together building a better future in construction management and invoice payments.

How to Find a Simple, Cloud-Based Payment Automation Solution

Don't be fooled by false claims of payment automation. Regardless of the payment method, a truly automated payment solution should be as easy as clicking 'pay'.

4 Ways to Evaluate International Payments

Today's SMEs have easy access to international, global supplier networks. Unfortunately, sending payments internationally has been anything but easy for banks.

5 Technology Trends in Business-to-Business Payments

What works in consumer payments doesn't work for business-to-business. But the tides are turning. These are 5 challenges business payments have overcome.

New Tech Brings Businesses Up to Speed on Digital Payments

Consumers are reaping the benefits of fintech, but why aren't businesses fully up to speed with the digital payments revolution? Learn four contributing reasons

Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay: Digitizing Global Payments

You heard it first here! A complete, global P2P automation solution is now possible with Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay.

5 Tips to Female Tech Founders Seeking Venture Capitalist Funding

Are you a b2b fintech innovator? Read these 5 tips from Nvoicepay's CEO Karla Friede on how to get funding from venture capitalists for female tech founders.

Strategic Payments Services -- A Career Opportunity for the CFO

Accounting has potential to make its process more strategic, but where do you start? The answer is with a strategic payments services provider.

6 Things AP Should Care More About Than Float

Float is no longer the saving grace that it once was for accounts payable. Here's a list of 6 things that can be far more beneficial to AP.

Consumerization of B2B Payments Being Led by Tech, Not Banks

Tech innovation in consumer payments evolves nonstop, from Zelle's widespread consumer banking integration to the recent release of Google Pay. Fintechs are applying these concepts to business...

B2B Fintech Disruption Means New, Better Choices for Businesses

B2b fintech continues to disrupt the banking industry, especially in business payments. See how automated payments focus on benefiting you as a customer.

6 Hidden Ways Paper Checks are Hurting Your Business

What are the hidden costs for paper check writing? Learn the six hidden costs that can dramatically increase the true cost of paying suppliers by check.

When is the Best Time to Automate Supplier Payments?

If you're ready to add automation to your accounts payable workflow, read on to make sure you choose the best time to automate supplier payments.

The Real Same-Day ACH Opportunity for Businesses

While banks search for opportunities to charge a fee, fintechs take piece by piece of the B2B payments pie. What, if anything, does same-day ACH mean for you?

B2B Fintech Disruption, Coming Soon to a Bank Near You

Learn about the B2B fintech landscape and how companies are disrupting the way businesses make payments.

Putting Same-day ACH in Perspective for B2B Payments

The hype surrounding same-day ACH payments is only partially deserved. Learn how same-day ACH differs from regular ACH, and what it means for business payments.

NACHA's 'Faster Pay' Move Won't Help Banks Protect B2B Payments Share

Faster Pay has been 20 years in the making...and it's come too late. Many sources of friction in b2b payments have businesses looking to fintech for help.

It's Time to Put Your Payments on the Fintech Bullet Train

Managing different payment processes can be cumbersome, which is partly why businesses favor checks. See how fintechs use automation to streamline all payments.

A Brighter Day for International Payments

Payment technology from fintechs is bringing unprecedented visibility to international payments for business. See how automated ePayments have banks scrambling.

Automation, Disruption, and Tough Love for the Auto Industry

Is your dealership experiencing unprecedented change due to tech innovation? You're not alone. See how automation is expected to cause further disruption.

Postcard from Vegas: Worlds Collide Around B2B Payments

Postcard from Vegas: Worlds collide around B2B payments

Sleeping B2B Payments Giant Shows Signs of Life at Payments 2015

Missed the NACHA Payments 2015 conference? CEO Karla Friede can walk you through emerging trends and interests in the B2B payments industry.

It's a Wrap! PayStream INNOVATE'14 P2P Conference Reflections

It’s a Wrap! PayStream INNOVATE’14 P2P Conference Reflections

2014 Epayments Predictions

A look at key trends Nvoicepay expects to affect B2B ePayments in 2014.