Lauren Ruef

Lauren Ruef

Lauren has 10 years of professional writing and editing experience, from memoirs to financial blogs and web copy. She has collaborated with Nvoicepay to write about the financial technology industry since 2016.

Behind the Curtain: Automating Payments in the Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 overhauled the U.S. healthcare system overnight. Systems we paid little mind to before, whether they are life-saving medical supply manufacturers, critical hospital budgets, or ICU capacity limits, now garner universal attention. Another area of the healthcare industry is stepping into the forefront--back-office procedures. Here's how healthcare facilities can resolve their financial strain.

Manufacturing's Highest Value Aligns with Automation

Manufacturing businesses across the country are overwhelmingly stuck with manual payments process that cost more time and money than necessary. 

Your Enemy is Not Uncertainty, but Complexity

Here are 5 strategies that nurture your company's resilience in times of uncertainty.

Suppliers Want You to Ask this Question

There's a question so universal, almost every AP professional has been asked this on a regular basis. If you can anticipate this common supplier request, it will enrich and strengthen your...

Ledger 71: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

The Ledger 71 — Trending news & stories in accounting, finance, and fintech for the week of July 23, 2018. Delivered to you in an executive summary format.

CFO 2.0: Going Beyond the Finance Function

Much like business adopt new tools and technologies to stay relevant, so too must the CFO adopt new skills in order to stay afloat. It’s become ever-imperative that today's CFO openly embrace...

The Unconventional Business Strategy that's Working: Early Payment

Many organizations suffer from slow internal processes that lengthen payment cycles. Unfortunately, stretching days payable outstanding to near-delinquent payment terms has a much bigger...

Why the Fintech Bubble Hasn't Burst

Financial services has long favored tradition. Banks have gone unchallenged for over a century in the marketplace. But with generational shifts—Gen X to Millennials to Generation Z—a new digital...

Will Fintechs Gain Equal Footing with Banks in 2018?

Big changes are likely on the way for fintechs. Regulators will soon address what constitutes a bank and a non-bank, the classification of which is complicated by partnerships between the two....

PayStream Advisors Reveals How Manual Payments Damage AP Efficiency

After 400 interviews with AP professionals across a swath of industries, PayStream Advisors’ data reveals the pain points faced in payables. Here’s our take on key insights from the study and how...

How the Gig Economy is Transforming Possibilities for Payments

Some gig economy workers face the issue of cash liquidity—where larger enterprises may subject these workers to 90- or even 120-day payment terms. The old method of paying suppliers can't keep...

What Will Our Jobs Look Like When Automation Takes Over?

Workers' fears and trepidation of being displaced by automation continue to rise. But are those concerns warranted? A recent McKinsey Global Institute study sheds light on the realities of...

3 Ways Automation Will Make Your AP Staff Happier than Ever

No one earns their Accounting degree with the hope they'll be stuffing envelopes. Automation is the key to workplace satisfaction. It begins with planning a trajectory for growth to move your team...

Vendor Management: What Your Third-party Solution Must Have

Choosing a third-party vendor management provider doesn’t need to be daunting. This list will help AP find the right solution provider.

Blockchain: Will It Deliver on Trust?

Bitcoin’s real power and innovation comes in the form of the blockchain that weaves trust throughout each transaction. But can you really trust it?

The Truth About Paper Money that May Surprise You

With so many different types of cash alternatives, it's a surprise paper money is still king. Or is it? Cash has several benefits, including widespread acceptance and anonymity of transactions.

Safer B2B Payments in 2018 Require a Payment Service Provider
Digital workflows are a great way of countering corporate fraud. Learn how a payment service provider not only transforms your accounts payable workflow for efficiency, but protects your business...
How Fintech is Making Corporate Social Responsibility a Top Priority

Consumer preferences are shifting to reward corporate social responsibility. See how fintechs enable businesses and customers to ensure sustainable sourcing.

Timeless Communication Tips to Improve Likability in the Office

Learning what to say makes others take notice and listen to you. Influence, on the other hand, happens when you improve those everyday communication skills.

Is Your Productivity Being Buried in Silos?

The journey to automation has an often overlooked benefit—breaking down organizational silos.

Your Suppliers Want Epayments. Are You Enrolling Them?

B2B payments have markedly changed within the past few years—and will only continue to do so in 2020. What's the driver of this change? Customer expectation.

Your Brain Doesn't Multitask as Well as You Think

Multitasking is distraction in sheep's clothing. Getting work done has become harder with pop-up notifications and other distractions clamoring for attention.

5 Ways to Build a High-Performing Team

In the melting pot of today's workforce, getting different personalities to work well together is vital. Managers must facilitate this for a team to succeed.

Don't Wait for Your Suppliers to Ask You This

It's often the supplier that wants to reduce the friction in getting paid—and its willing to accept virtual card payments to get there. But can you deliver?

The Truth About Achieving Laser-like Focus

Flow state, or being in a state of laser-like focus, is the holy grail of productivity. Here are 6 tips to helping you get—and stay—in a flow state.

Why Mindset Matters More than You Think

Our lives are shaped by our mindset. That's why changing the way we think allows us to experience growth and propel us forward—change your mind to a better you.

Uncovering Automation Value in Healthcare Supplier Payments

Automating invoice payments saves more than time and money. Learn how this strategic decision can help ensure quality care for healthcare facilities' patients.

5 Starting Points for Getting Great Ideas From Your Team

You already have the resources to solve that problem that needed to be solved yesterday—and it's been under your nose this whole time. Do you know what it is?

How to Give Constructive Feedback

Feedback—whether being delivered to a subordinate, peer, or even superior—doesn't need to be a stress- or anxiety-inducing event—for either party involved.

The Most Underestimated Trait in Leadership

What's the busy manager to do with too few hours in the day? Delegate. Learn why delegation is much more than just assigning busy work to a subordinate.

5 Ways to Build Resilience

Resilience is a willingness to keep trying after others have given up. But what does it take? Here are 5 ways to learn it.

How Wearables Technology is Driving More Patient-centric Care

Better healthcare at a lower cost? That’s something anyone can get behind. Learn how telehealth is dialing up better patient care.

The Expenses Every Hospital CEO is Worried About

With doubt around ACA funding, hospitals are scrambling to make up for shortfalls in budget. Here’s how the back office can be a life line and infuse revenue.

Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your Healthcare Budget

Working the hospital's budget shouldn't feel like wringing a mop. Here's how Silicon Valley tech helps hospital administrators get the most out of their budget.

What We Know About the Disruption of Healthcare in 2017

Remote patient care? It’s a few years off. But today’s emerging tech in patient care and the back office is prepping us for the future of healthcare.

5 Reasons AP is the Next Strategic Asset for Treasury

Treasurers today must do more than just mitigate risk. They're now at the helm, playing a strategic role in steering an organization toward growth goals. See how automation in accounts payable can...

The Six Billion Dollar Flight of the Paper Check

Paper checks are still the most popular payment type for businesses, but things are changing quickly. Learn how 9-11 spurred a B2B payables revolution.

Check Fraud Explained by One of Hollywood's Most Infamous Conmen

The internet has made paper check fraud through forgery easier. Payment automation software not only helps reduce the risk of cyberfraud but saves time in AP.

The Goldilocks Effect: Automation That's "Just Right" for You

For accounts payable automation, a Goldilocks solution looks like having one company automate your invoice capture and workflow and another handle payments.

How Disney is Winning at Accounts Payable Automation

Disney has embraced innovation as part of its company culture from the very beginning. What can we learn from their use of accounts payable automation?