Supplier Master Coding Standards

Supplier Master Coding Standards

A supplier master that lacks discipline and control can cause several inefficiencies in the accounts payable process. One of the common outcomes of an “out of control” supplier master is duplicate suppliers which can create scenarios for duplicate payments to occur.

This blog will provide you with examples of supplier coding standards to consider when setting up new suppliers in your supplier master and when cleaning up your supplier master on an annual basis. We are providing you with coding standards to use when coding your supplier name and when coding your supplier address. And as bonus material, we’re adding the abbreviation tables for streets, U.S. states, territories and Canadian provinces.

Examples of Supplier Coding Standard: Supplier Name

Standard Valid Invalid
No periods (.), commas (,) or punctuation marks (!) IBM
John T Smith
Dr Harry S Smythe MD
John T. Smith
Dr. Harry S. Smythe, M.D.
“The” is eliminated in supplier names Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company
No spaces should be used before or after special characters or initials B&B Enterprises
100% Incorporated
@Radical Medical
2+2 Productions
B & B Enterprises
A T & T
100 % Incorporated
@ Radical Medical
2 + 2 Productions
Keep numeric values used in the name field 3M Corporation
9 West
Club 33
Three M Corporation
Nine West Club
Thirty Three
Do not use abbreviations for North, South, East, and West East Coast Supply
North American Van Lines
South Florida Fence Co
E. Coast Supply
No. American Van Lines
S. Florida Fence Co.
No space between last names with 2 words. McBeth
MacDonald Hunter Corp
Mc Beth
Mac Donald Hunter Corp
De Young

Examples of Supplier Coding Standard: Supplier Address

Standard Valid Invalid
A North, South, East, West street address will be abbreviated without period 120 S Baker 120 S. Baker
Use numbers in street abbreviation versus words 1st St
49th Ave
100th St
First Street
Forty-Ninth Avenue
One-Hundredth Street
Spell out North, South, East, and West in city names North Hollywood
West Palm Beach
N. Hollywood
W. Palm Beach
Spell out words in city names Fort Myers
Saint Louis
Ft. Myers
St. Louis

Abbreviations for US State and Canadian Provinces

State Abbr. State Abbr.
Alabama AL Montana MT
Alaska AL Nebraska NE
Arizona AZ Nevada NV
Arkansas AR New Hampshire NH
California CA New Jersey NJ
Canal Zone CZ New Mexico NM
Colorado CO New York NY
Connecticut CT North Carolina NC
Delaware DE North Dakota ND
District of Columbia DC Ohio OH
Florida FL Oklahoma OK
Georgia GA Oregon OR
Guam GU Pennsylvania PA
Hawaii HI Puerto Rico PR
Idaho ID Rhode Island RI
Illinois IL South Carolina SC
Indiana IN South Dakota SD
Iowa IA Tennessee TN
Kansas KS Texas TX
Kentucky KY Utah UT
Louisiana LA Vermont VT
Maine ME Virgin Islands VI
Maryland MD Virginia VA
Massachusetts MA Washington WA
Michigan MI West Virginia WV
Minnesota MN Wisconsin WI
Mississippi MS Wyoming WY
Missouri MO


Province Abbr.
Alberta AB
British Columbia BC
Manitoba MB
New Brunswick NB
Newfoundland NF
Northwest Territories NT
Nova Scotia NS
Nunavut NT
Ontario ON
Prince Edward Island PE
Quebec QC
Saskatchewan SK
Yukon Territory YT
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