Cash Management

Use these resources to create a plan for optimizing cash flow and cash management.

Cutting Through the Crisis: How to Reduce AP Costs Now

AP experts Deborah Richardson and Mark Penserini share their insights on AP’s fiscal pain-points across industries, and how automated payments have changed the game.

How to Embrace the Shift to Automated Payments

Join Nvoicepay President Josh Cyphers and Senior VP/co-founder Tana Law as they talk about a future vision of B2B AP payments.

Cutting AP Costs in the Crisis Era

Join subject matter expert Mark Brousseau and Nvoicepay VP of Product & Strategy Josh Cyphers for a look at turning AP into a profit center in an economic downturn.

How to Create an Enduring Workflow for AR

As banks start embracing electronic payment solutions, their customer's suppliers face extensive manual work to accommodate. Fintechs are stepping up to create a holistic solution that eases the burden on all sides.

B2B Payments: A Once in a Generation Transformation Opportunity

Digital transformation has now risen to the top of the CEO agenda, according to research by McKinsey. Rethinking business models to compete with digital offerings has become a strategic imperative.

An Early Payment Discount Example to Sink Your Teeth Into

Ardent Partners' Founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, and Research Director, Bob Cohen, present an example of how early payment discounts create meaningful value for an accounts...

The Unconventional Business Strategy that's Working: Early Payment

Many organizations suffer from slow internal processes that lengthen payment cycles. Unfortunately, stretching days payable outstanding to near-delinquent payment terms has a much bigger...

Blindly Chasing ROI: The Perils of Short-term Thinking

Measuring ROI is important. Doing so blindly, however, may cause you to miss out on future revenue. Knowing when not to measure ROI is just as important.

How to Measure the True Cost of Paper Checks

It's mundane tasks that keep the payables department buried in paper. Managing multiple payment types, getting approvals, and reconciling accounts are just a few of the manual processes that...

Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

Cost-saving technology has its sights set on accounts payable. Here's how cloud-based automation is transforming this alleged cost center into a profit center.

Reducing Costs and Improving Cash Flow

Nvoicepay guest contributor Chris Doxey shares strategies for saving on AP costs and improving cash flow for enterprise companies.

The Expenses Every Hospital CEO is Worried About

With doubt around ACA funding, hospitals are scrambling to make up for shortfalls in budget. Here’s how the back office can be a life line and infuse revenue.

Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your Healthcare Budget

Working the hospital's budget shouldn't feel like wringing a mop. Here's how Silicon Valley tech helps hospital administrators get the most out of their budget.

5 Reasons AP is the Next Strategic Asset for Treasury

Treasurers today must do more than just mitigate risk. They're now at the helm, playing a strategic role in steering an organization toward growth goals. See how automation in accounts payable can...

10 Metrics that Reveal What Paper Checks Are Costing You

How much is the accounts payable paper trail costing your organization? These 10 points will have you blazing a paperless-trail in no time.

3 Simple Ways to Reduce AP Costs

Wondering how to reduce costs in AP? Use these 3 tips to start saving money in your payment process.

Reduce Costs with Dynamic Discounting and P2P Automation

Take advantage of dynamic discounting opportunities offered by suppliers. Faster payments can save you substantial money in the long run.

6 Things AP Should Care More About Than Float

Float is no longer the saving grace that it once was for accounts payable. Here's a list of 6 things that can be far more beneficial to AP.

Transform Your Procure to Pay Process for Long-Term Savings

Take these two simple steps to realize long-term savings in any accounts payable department using P2P automation.

Why It's Time For Healthcare to Cure Its Payments Woes

It's time for the healthcare industry to re-evaluate its AP tech solutions and make the shift to paperless healthcare payments.

6 Hidden Ways Paper Checks are Hurting Your Business

What are the hidden costs for paper check writing? Learn the six hidden costs that can dramatically increase the true cost of paying suppliers by check.

How to Rock Cash Flow Management: Get Rid of Paper Checks

Cash flow management is a vital and ever-evolving process in business. But how can you improve it? One thing's for sure: do away with paper checks.

Why Fast Payment Discounts are the New Float

Years ago, it made sense to take advantage of float in accounts payable. With dynamic discounting, paying faster is actually the smarter way to manage cash flow

How to Boost Accounts Payable Savings

Learn how to make your payment process more cost-effective with the right ePayment solution and payment optimization strategy in this white paper from Nvoicepay.

What Your Bank Won't Tell You About P-Card Rebate Programs

Paying suppliers by p-cards holds the promise of turning accounts payable from cost center to revenue center...but you have to choose the right card program.