Nvoicepay for Construction: GCs, Subcontractors, and Design/Build Firms

Learn how Nvoicepay's payment solution helps construction companies and GCs like Swinerton, Colas, and VCC make their supplier payments more efficient and valuable to the bottom line.

5 Pillars of Payment Automation in Construction

How do you make your company's back-office procedures more efficient without disrupting your team or breaking the bank?

5 Pillars of Payment Automation in Construction

Learn the 5 major topics that construction business owners should consider before choosing an electronic payment solution.

Viewpoint Customers Have Finally Found the Right Tool for AP

Learn how Nvoicepay integrates with Viewpoint Vista to bring payment automation to joint customers via Viewpoint ePayments.

Candid Customer: Hill & Wilkinson Talks Visibility & Remote Approvals

The loss of a staff member sent Cyndi Amador, CFO at Hill & Wilkinson, on a quest for AP automation.

Dollar Saving Tips for Contractors

Best practices in the construction industry that can help contractors save money on job sites and in the back office.

Viewpoint Collaborate 2019 Recap: Risk Prevention and Tech Growth

Construction industry leaders are focusing more on risk prevention and technological growth than ever before.

5 Ways Paper-based Construction Files are Costing You

Think about the articles you read, your bills, your communication with other people —how much of it still involves actual pieces of paper?

Customer Story: Slurry Pavers

Slurry Pavers controller Wilson Malone details how Nvoicepay enabled his AP team to switch to 100% electronic payments and save nearly 600 AP hours annually.

Mitigate Risk and Improve Efficiency with ePayments

Hear directly from Wilson Malone of Slurry Pavers how Nvoicepay helped his team streamline the payments process while mitigating risk for the company in this recorded webcast.

How to Overcome the Struggle of Multiple Account Reconciliations

When a company ends up with hundreds of bank accounts, as is common in industries like hospitality or healthcare, AP reconciliations are a challenge. Learn why, and how to streamline the process.

Keep it Simple, Stupid

Modern construction technology’s appeal is the ability to work smarter and simpler. Get a list of questions to ask to ensure the software you choose is right for your team's needs.

Customer Story: Hill & Wilkinson

Read about how general contractors Hill & Wilkinson used Nvoicepay automated payments to mitigate fraud risk, boost vendor card acceptance, reduce staff time, and save on check costs.

One Way to Slow Construction's Late Payment Epidemic: AP Automation

Late payments are an epidemic in construction. According to a 2018 study of 1,300 firms across a variety of trades, 88 percent of contractors wait longer than 30 days for payment.

Leveraging ePayments for Profitability

Watch our webcast with Hill & Wilkinson to learn how automated payments can enable a top-performing construction firm to boost its process efficiency and make its AP department profitable.

The 5 Best Tech Opportunities for Construction Companies

Construction has been one of the slowest industries to adopt technology. That’s partly cultural--folks in the industry like to solve problems with their own ingenuity.

7 Myths About Payment Automation

Learn the truth about seven myths that keep companies from benefitting from automated payments.

Understanding the Real Cost of ACH Payments

Why are companies still making more than half of their supplier payments by check? Understand the real cost of an ACH bank program after you learn about these hidden costs.

Viewpoint ePayments Top 7 Myths About Payment Automation

Are your misconceptions about payment automation keeping you from adopting a cost-saving and streamlined accounts payable workflow?

Customer Success: Granger Construction

See how Granger Construction achieved 71% electronic payments and immediate ROI with Viewpoint ePayments powered by Nvoicepay in this one-page customer success story.

Customer Success: Swinerton

Read a snapshot of Swinerton's success with Nvoicepay--from payment data management to a 100% electronic process and $1M in annual rebates.