Customer Stories

Hear directly from our customers why they chose Nvoicepay and the value they're driving with our payment solution.

Case Study: WaFd Bank

WaFd, a Forbes Top 20 bank, streamlined payments across its 230 locations and reclaimed 30 hours every week in AP with Nvoicepay.

Customer Story: CURO Financial Technologies Corp

Discover how CURO (dba Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash) streamlines payments across 400 locations and 8 brands using Nvoicepay.

Case Study: Flowco Production Solutions

Find out how Flowco saves 20 hours every week in AP since automating vendor payments with Nvoicepay.

Customer Story: Garber Automotive Group

Find out how Garber Automotive Group used Nvoicepay’s integration with CDK to boost overall AP efficiency, save over 2,000 staff hours and earn over $100,000 in card rebates.

Candid Customer: Varney, Inc. Shares Their Implementation Story

Varney, Inc. CFO, Kathy Seymore-Lanter, calls Nvoicepay's technical implementation the easiest one she's experienced.

Candid Customer: Goodfellow Bros. Calls Nvoicepay Their Best Decision

From security to efficiency, Goodfellow Bros.' Corporate Controller explains why Nvoicepay was the best decision they made at the company.

Candid Customer: Reading Crane Loves Their Simpler Payment Process

The adoption of Viewpoint ePayments significantly reduced Reading Crane's manual processes and provided CFO Jill Mastandrea with month-end and reconciliation support.

Candid Customer: Eliminating Checks for Park Place Dealerships

Claudia Espinoza (Accounting Manager) and Anna Smith (Corporate Assistant Controller) at Park Place Dealerships reflect on how Nvoicepay improved their AP experience.

Candid Customer: Hill & Wilkinson Talks Visibility & Remote Approvals

The loss of a staff member sent Cyndi Amador, CFO at Hill & Wilkinson, on a quest for AP automation.

Candid Customer: Refinery29 Talks Payment Efficiency

Akriti Arya, the Financial Director, and Nicole Page, the AP Manager of Refinery29 examine how Nvoicepay brought efficiency and usability to their AP processes.

Candid Customer: Kamehameha Schools Compares Nvoicepay to Banks

Cory Matsumiya, Assistant Controller at Kamehameha Schools describes why they signed on with Nvoicepay after initially implementing ePayments with their local bank.

Customer Story: Slurry Pavers

Slurry Pavers controller Wilson Malone details how Nvoicepay enabled his AP team to switch to 100% electronic payments and save nearly 600 AP hours annually.

Customer Story: MGM Resorts International

Read the success story for MGM Resorts, a leading global hotel management company that was able to tackle a 30% growth in AP workload withing hiring additional FTEs, by automating payments.

Customer Story: Ed Morse Automotive Group

Learn how Ed Morse Automotive Group saves more than 480 hours annually in AP by automating the payments process via Nvoicepay.

Customer Story: Midwest Transit Equipment

Hear from MTE's assistant controller Chris Curtis how he leveraged Nvoicepay's partnership with Procede to automate vendor payments and save 355 hours in AP.

Customer Story: Hill & Wilkinson

Read about how general contractors Hill & Wilkinson used Nvoicepay automated payments to mitigate fraud risk, boost vendor card acceptance, reduce staff time, and save on check costs.

Customer Story: Park Place Dealerships

Park Place Dealership's Corporate Assistant Controller Anna Smith narrates the success her company has seen since adopting Nvoicepay's payment automation solution.

Candid Customer: Summers-Taylor Unburdened AP

Christopher Hyder, CFO of Summers-Taylor Inc., explains his company's process for making payments through Viewpoint ePayments.

Candid Customer: Exceeding Expectations for UMC

Technology Manager David Deutschman (University Mechanical Contractors) shares his experience with Nvoicepay, from vendor enrollment to revenue from card rebates.

Why Viewpoint Chose Nvoicepay as Its Payments Partner

James Randles, a Partner Solution Rep at Viewpoint Construction Software, praises Nvoicepay's effortless process for supplier payments.