Payment Strategy

Discover ways to strategize how and when you pay suppliers to optimize for efficiency and cost savings.

Workshop Series: Building the Future of AP Payments through Automation

This 4-part virtual workshop series brings you insights on the future of B2B payments, and how automation enables you to optimize your AP for the present crisis and stay agile for the next crisis.

The Breakfast Show US: Episode 115

Josh Cyphers, President at Nvoicepay, joins The Breakfast Show US as a guest discussing how the payments industry has changed in recent times.

How Do Electronic Payment Solutions Fulfill Supplier Needs?

When companies begin their research on electronic payment solutions, they usually have a list of pain points they want to resolve. However, it's also important to consider the other benefits offered, and how they might fit into and support more than just the basics. Nvoicepay's SVP of Operations and Customer Success, Angela Anastasakis, breaks down the lesser-known benefits to adopting a holistic solution.

How to Make Important Adjustments to Your Payment Strategy

As organizations begin planning their re-opening approaches, many are realizing that their operations' status quo just won't work anymore. Nvoicepay's SVP of Sales, Derek Halpern, and VP of Product and Strategy, Josh Cyphers, discuss methods for moving toward a new payment strategy.

Monetizing Payables: More than a Card Program

Join solution experts to learn how Nvoicepay and Inspyrus can streamline your AP process, reduce costs, generate rebate revenue, and mitigate payment fraud.

A Payment Strategy in Our New World

Nvoicepay's VP of Product & Strategy shares his insight from 20 years in finance on how to leverage automation for AP in the era of remote-work.

The Most Important Reason to Automate Payments Now

Derek Halpern, VP of Enterprise Sales at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, highlights the contemporary solution to pain points felt by accounts payable offices across the country.

How to Create an Enduring Workflow for AR

As banks start embracing electronic payment solutions, their customer's suppliers face extensive manual work to accommodate. Fintechs are stepping up to create a holistic solution that eases the burden on all sides.

5 Pillars of Payment Automation in Construction

How do you make your company's back-office procedures more efficient without disrupting your team or breaking the bank?

Why You Need a Payments Strategy

"Getting rid of checks" isn't a payment strategy. Join IFO and guest speaker Brent Meyers of Nvoicepay for a hard look at standard payment processes, and how automated solutions can make AP a strategic contributor to the bottom line.

3 Ways Fintech Will Evolve in 2019

With record amounts of investment flowing into the fintech sector again in 2018, the innovation train shows no signs of slowing.

One Way to Slow Construction's Late Payment Epidemic: AP Automation

Late payments are an epidemic in construction. According to a 2018 study of 1,300 firms across a variety of trades, 88 percent of contractors wait longer than 30 days for payment.

Earn More Early Payment Discounts with AP Automation

Learn how digitizing your procure-to-pay processes can give your company returns in cold hard cash.

Why Your Construction Company Needs a Payments Strategy

Payments are at the center of two critical areas of the construction business—vendor relationships and job progress. Learn how getting strategic about how you pay can make a big impact.

Understanding the Hidden Costs of ACH - with IOFM

Learn all the ways ACH payments are adding up to more than you expect, with Nvoicepay's VP of Strategy & Product, Josh Cyphers.

An Early Payment Discount Example to Sink Your Teeth Into

Ardent Partners' Founder and Chief Research Officer, Andrew Bartolini, and Research Director, Bob Cohen, present an example of how early payment discounts create meaningful value for an accounts...

Suppliers Want You to Ask this Question

There's a question so universal, almost every AP professional has been asked this on a regular basis. If you can anticipate this common supplier request, it will enrich and strengthen your...

The Unconventional Business Strategy that's Working: Early Payment

Many organizations suffer from slow internal processes that lengthen payment cycles. Unfortunately, stretching days payable outstanding to near-delinquent payment terms has a much bigger...

PayStream Advisors Reveals How Manual Payments Damage AP Efficiency

After 400 interviews with AP professionals across a swath of industries, PayStream Advisors’ data reveals the pain points faced in payables. Here’s our take on key insights from the study and how...

5 Trends Changing Business Payments in 2018

2018 promises to be a year of innovation for business payments. Fueled by buy-in from venture capitalists and big banks alike, the technology advances of consumer payments are finally coming to...

Everything You Know About Electronic Payments is Wrong

A recent survey by the AFP shows that B2B check usage has increased slightly over the past three years. Our deep dive, based on AFP’s insight, reveals a tragic misunderstanding organizations have...

It's 2018. Why Aren't You Using an Epayments Solution?

The use of paper checks for invoice payments has seen a steady decline, but there's more to payables than simply reducing check payments. The key to a rolling out a sustianable ePayments solution...

Card Payment 101: A Guide to P-card, Virtual, and Other Card Types

Confusion about the card types used for business payments can create problems for accounts payable. Terminology differs from company to company, and even from person to person. Use this guide to...

Why You Need a Payment Strategy

In this webcast recording from Nvoicepay and Viewpoint, you’ll learn how to enable suppliers easily, leverage an advantageous payment mix, and turn any AP team into a profit center.

Blindly Chasing ROI: The Perils of Short-term Thinking

Measuring ROI is important. Doing so blindly, however, may cause you to miss out on future revenue. Knowing when not to measure ROI is just as important.

The Future of B2B Card Payments: Virtual, Enabled, Automated

Debit and credit card usage reigns supreme for the consumer. Businesses, however, are still keen on paying vendors by check. Even if that means more work. Why?

How to Measure the True Cost of Paper Checks

It's mundane tasks that keep the payables department buried in paper. Managing multiple payment types, getting approvals, and reconciling accounts are just a few of the manual processes that...

Why You Need a Payments Strategy

Advances in fintech have made the adoption of electronic payments easier than ever. This not only enables unprecedented efficiency and savings in AP, but allows suppliers to choose their payment...

Transforming Accounts Payable Into a Profit Center

Cost-saving technology has its sights set on accounts payable. Here's how cloud-based automation is transforming this alleged cost center into a profit center.

Don't Wait for Your Suppliers to Ask You This

It's often the supplier that wants to reduce the friction in getting paid—and its willing to accept virtual card payments to get there. But can you deliver?

Why Your Suppliers Should Accept Virtual Card Payments

Learn how you and your suppliers can realize faster, simpler, safer, and cheaper invoice payments by accepting virutal card payments.

4 Benefits of Adding Epayments to Your Existing P2P Workflow

Add ePayments to your accounts payable workflow for complete P2P automation. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, earn cash-back rebates, and more.

Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your Healthcare Budget

Working the hospital's budget shouldn't feel like wringing a mop. Here's how Silicon Valley tech helps hospital administrators get the most out of their budget.

6 Tips and Tricks to Improving Your Payables Process

Spring cleaning’s a great time to look for accounts payables process improvements. From invoice entry to electronic payments, there are several opportunities for increased efficiency and security...

10 Metrics that Reveal What Paper Checks Are Costing You

How much is the accounts payable paper trail costing your organization? These 10 points will have you blazing a paperless-trail in no time.

3 Simple Ways to Reduce AP Costs

Wondering how to reduce costs in AP? Use these 3 tips to start saving money in your payment process.

How to Convince Suppliers to Accept Epayments

Supplier enablement is one of the biggest hurdles preventing enterprises from adopting an electronic payments process. Collecting, securing, and updating sensitive banking information is more than...

Reduce Costs with Dynamic Discounting and P2P Automation

Take advantage of dynamic discounting opportunities offered by suppliers. Faster payments can save you substantial money in the long run.

The Ironic Truth: ACH Payments are Keeping AP Mired in Paper

ACH payments may seem like a great alternative to paper checks, but are they really as electronic as you think? See why ACH is keeping AP teams buried in paper.

6 Things AP Should Care More About Than Float

Float is no longer the saving grace that it once was for accounts payable. Here's a list of 6 things that can be far more beneficial to AP.

Transform Your Procure to Pay Process for Long-Term Savings

Take these two simple steps to realize long-term savings in any accounts payable department using P2P automation.

6 Hidden Ways Paper Checks are Hurting Your Business

What are the hidden costs for paper check writing? Learn the six hidden costs that can dramatically increase the true cost of paying suppliers by check.

The Real Same-Day ACH Opportunity for Businesses

While banks search for opportunities to charge a fee, fintechs take piece by piece of the B2B payments pie. What, if anything, does same-day ACH mean for you?

Why Fast Payment Discounts are the New Float

Years ago, it made sense to take advantage of float in accounts payable. With dynamic discounting, paying faster is actually the smarter way to manage cash flow

Ghost in the Cloud: Virtual Cards Benefit Buyers and Suppliers

Virtual cards, or single use ghost accounts, have been around for a while, but haven't yet gained widespread adoption. Companies are missing out, and here's why

How to Boost Accounts Payable Savings

Learn how to make your payment process more cost-effective with the right ePayment solution and payment optimization strategy in this white paper from Nvoicepay.

What Your Bank Won't Tell You About P-Card Rebate Programs

Paying suppliers by p-cards holds the promise of turning accounts payable from cost center to revenue center...but you have to choose the right card program.

Can Treasurers Find the Right Mix of Payment Types?

Checks are still the dominant payment type for business, despite the excessive cost of paper payments. See how you can optimize your mix with payment solutions.