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How Business Process Outsourcing Ensures Business Continuity

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As businesses start to reopen, companies are strategizing how to adapt to the new normal.

More organizations than ever have leveraged business process outsourcing (BPO) to digitally transform their operations as part of their business continuity and risk management plan.

Join James Richardson, Digiscribe VP of Sales, and Mark Penserini, Nvoicepay VP of Partner Management VP as they discuss how using both BPO and process automation can enable AP teams more flexible and cost-effective business modelling for our financially risky environment.

Join our solution experts to learn how BPO can help you:

  • Maintain business continuity while your office is closed
  • Automate critical business processes to increase workforce productivity
  • Integrate best BPO practices while creating your business continuity plan


James Richardson

VP of Sales

Mark Penserini

VP of Partner Management

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