Realizing Paperless AP: Implementing Remote Supplier Payments

The benefits of automated accounts payable are clear especially now, during the COVID-19 crisis. But if the thought of implementing a payment solution remotely has you flashing back to ERP migrations or other unwieldy set-ups, have no fear. Implementing Nvoicepay is simple and easy. 

In this webinar, AP Manager Velcky Galindo will share her experience implementing Nvoicepay in comparison with her other projects. As a change agent brought in to take Flowco’s AP from 100% paper to complete automation, Velcky understood the importance of choosing a solution that complements and enhances her team’s operational flow. 

Velcky and Nvoicepay Implementation Manager Louise Otieno will be available to answer all your questions on both the implementation experience and the long-term benefits of the solution. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:  

  • Best practices to prepare for implementing Nvoicepay   
  • How Nvoicepay works with you to enable all of your suppliers   
  • Details on the training and support provided by your dedicated team   


Velcky Galindo

AP Manager
Flowco Production Solutions

Louise Otieno

Sr. Implementation Manager

Kim Pendergrass

Director of Marketing

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